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Lower cost is not necessarily lower cost

Is the lower quality prep tool adding to service calls? Studies indicate as much as    85% of service calls are due to drop related issues. How much of this can be attributed to a low quality or incorrect prep tool being used. Low cost prep tools have a hidden cost not seen when the tools are first purchased. The blade packs for these tools need to be replaced much more frequently due to the short life span of the low-quality blades. The frequent replacement of the low-grade cartridges will end up costing more than the better-quality tool ever will. Not to mention the time spent managing the frequent changes and making sure it’s actually done. If the blade packs are not changed, you can expect to have service calls and in turn costly truck rolls, making the bargain tools not such a bargain after all.   

  • Tools not working causes poor attitude with installers
  • Installers seek other methods of completing the job. What choice do they have?      (Improper tool used, knife, etc.)
  • You purchase a premium connector and a premium cable and put it all together with a subpar prep tool. The result regardless of the quality of the connector and cable is a subpar connection.
  •  The quality of the prep tool has a direct link to the quality of the install. A lesser grade prep tool turns even the best of connectors and cable in to lost revenue through truck rolls and customer service complaints.
  1. Low quality blades wear out quickly
    • Frequent replacement of the blades eliminates any up-front savings.
    • The risk that the blades are not being replaced far beyond the functioning life span is very high.
    • More time managing the replacement process to ensure blades are replaced
    • Tool cost is less, blade cost is not
  1. Use a knife to prep the cable
  • Improper prep dimension…. Truck roll
  • High potential to cut off braid…. Ingress & egress issues. When braid is cut off and connector is inserted the braid bunches up behind the connector…truck roll
  1. Double prep the cable to aid in jacket removal
  • cuts off braid
  1. Installer uses 11 prep tool because 6 tool no longer works
  • Scores center conductor
  • Cuts off braid
  • Dulls the 11 tool blades and in turn causes problems with all the RG 11 preps: Truck roll


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